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The Teal Journey Ovarian Cancer Foundation is always in need of volunteers and people willing to help out with different aspects of the foundation. We put a lot of effort into making every aspect of the foundation and events we put on spectacular. We are always in search of people who are willing to work hard and dedicate their time to spreading awareness of ovarian cancer. Check out the opportunities below and contact us if you are interested! The more the merrier!

Our two biggest events happen in September and April of every year. September is always our Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction. April is always our Fashion Show & Luncheon. 

Being a non-profit, we are all volunteer based. We are always looking for more volunteers that would love to get involved in our organization. We would love to hear from you and we would love to have you join our team. Please reach out to us at if you are interested in volunteering. 
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