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Fashion Show & Luncheon Success!

Another successful Teal Journey Ovarian Cancer Foundation Fashion Show and Luncheon wrapped up a few weeks ago at the Historic Santa Maria Inn. If you missed out on the event then we sure missed you and would love to see you next year in our new location - The Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria, CA. This year was a a great success towards the fight against ovarian cancer.

The annual fashion show and luncheon draws in hundreds of women and men every year, and this year was no different. This year the fashion was brought to you by cabi and Deasee's Boutique. We've got to say, there were a lot of clothes on that runway that were must haves in your closet. Although this event is a fun filled day with fashion, lunch, and auction items it also raises awareness of ovarian cancer in a high-spirited environment. Ovarian cancer is not an easy cancer to talk about - no cancer is - but in this environment it brings mainly women, and some men, together to raise awareness and funds to support those going through this awful cancer.

We, the Teal Journey Ovarian Cancer Foundation, feel it is important to address ovarian cancer and hear what the latest is in advancements and also hear personal experiences from those who have been impacted by the disease. This year we had the amazing Dr. Lutman speak about the latest in ovarian cancer and then we also had an ovarian cancer warrior, Jill Yakowenko, speak about her battle against the disease. Hearing from someone going through the disease is always eye opening because every woman that goes through it has their own story, their own support system, and their own struggles. We hope that having these woman speak helps them in their journey so that they can help others understand what it is like to fight this battle. We also hope that these women battling have as many people in their corner including the Teal Journey Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

This year's fashion show was another great success bringing in a profit around $6,100. Although we don't do this fashion show to bring in a huge profit because we think it is important to empower women and bring people together to learn about ovarian cancer, it is always great when we do make a profit so we can continue to help others fighting. The money raised stays in the community to help women and their families get the care, testing,and answers they deserve.

We want to say thank you for all of those who attended this empowering event, volunteered their time, donated to the silent auction, and who just donated to the cause because they believe in what we are doing. We wouldn't be able to help those fighting this battle without the support of the community and we have to say this community is a force to be reckoned with. We are so thankful and grateful for those who support us so we can support those that need us. The journey always continues.....

Be sure to check back for future events and reach out to us if you have questions or want to get involved. The more people we have involved who know about ovarian cancer the more we can make a difference. Until next time....

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